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The Pennine Way

The Pennine Way is a 268 mile National Trail along the UK Pennines between Edale and Kirk Yetholm.

However you choose to do it, completing the Pennine Way is a challenge. These pages aim to help you by bringing together the many sources of useful information that are available. The aim is not to duplicate information, just to point to everything from one place.

Web Sites

Facebook has an incredibly friendly and supportive community Pennine Way Walkers. This is the place to go for current information, who is walking, what's the latest status on accomodation, route changes, supplies or anything else.

The National Trail's Pennine Way is the official web site. It has a very useful interactive OS map. Wikipedia's Pennine Way provides a great factual summary of the walk. The Pennine Way Association existed from 1971 to 2015. The site still contains a lot of useful information.

The Long Distance Walkers Association guide to the Pennine Way


There are very many books written on the Pennine Way, too many to list (Amazon search with 20+ relevant results). The official guide is The Pennine Way by Damian Hall. The Trailblazer Pennine Way is good for planning.

Of historical significance are Tom Stephenson's original book on the Pennine Way and Wainwright's Pennine Way Companion


If you just want maps there is a set of Pennine Way A-Z Adventure Atlas (North and South). They are light and plastic coated, perfect.

For smartphone maps, see this Facebook thread.


The most comprehensive accomodation list is maintained by Nick Buchan on the Facebook Group (direct link).

To get a map of accommodation you can use the National Trails map, in the 'Map Filters' at the left you can chose from 'B&Bs/Hotels/Pubs', 'Self Catering', 'Camping' and 'Hostels/Bunkhouses'.


There are plenty of pubs and cafes, but if you prefer to eat away from these then you probably want a few days of food and to restock when you can:

Heptonstall (May's/Aladdin’s Cave), Hebdon Bridge (Co-op and more), Cowling (takeaway), Gargrave (Co-op), Malham (H's of Malham), Hawes (Spar, chippy), Middleton-in-Teesdale (Co-op, takeaway), Dufton (cafe, pub), Garrigill (Post Office - basics), Alston (Spar, Co-ops), Bellingham (Co-op, bakery).

The Campsite shop in Crowden is currently closed (July 2023). The post office in Garrigill has limited opening times and limited supplies.



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